Friday, October 1, 2010

Double-Bento Day!

Two bentos for today was not entirely planned.  We've spent all week trying to figure out why our son's lunch money account is empty and we owe money.  The mystery was solved yesterday.  His teacher sent home a note saying that he had eaten BREAKFAST in the cafeteria FOUR...4...four times.  He eats breakfast every morning at home.  We have let him eat lunch in the cafeteria 2-3 times for lunch, because he had requested to do so.  (Mind you, that request was made pre-bento.)  Anyway, 6-7 meals had been eaten in the cafeteria when we expected 2-3.  Why?  We talked with him last night, and he wanted to eat breakfast with his friends.  We explained that we didn't have a problem with him taking his breakfast and eating with them in the mornings, but we aren't buying breakfast every day.  I really wish that I had purchased the breakfast container that they have at the Container Store while I was in there yesterday.  Now I know.  I had to do breakfast somewhat make-shift, because I don't have the right containers to do cereal and milk or granola and yogurt.  One major benefit to bento meals is the lack of waste.  This breakfast bento doesn't entirely satisfy that requirement. 
Promised Land all natural midnight chocolate milk, Gogurt (for mixing with his granola after his egg is removed), a boiled egg that was pressed with the star shape but was too small and looks more like a flower, a silicone barran divider (from AllThingsForSale), and granola. The yellow container is a Tellfresh snack box from Container Store that came in a set of four.

 The silverware is made by Sistema and can be found in a small case (with a 2-piece knife, as well) at The Container Store.  I put the fork and the spoon in the bento for our little man to use with breakfast and lunch.
Lunch is packed in our frequently used 5 piece (3 compartment) bento box from AllThingsForSale.
The large compartment holds 3 skewers with cherry tomatoes, a silicone muffin cup with macaroni and cheese, a face made of sliced green olives and red bell pepper, and carrots.
The short compartment holds a piece of cinnamon almond bread with 4 miniature star cookies (that I buy in the health food bulk section of our grocery store) and 2 cheese sticks cut in halves to make "Stars & Stripes."
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