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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Bento

I really like to "plan" a bento box, but I didn't have time for that this morning.  Our little man has school and gymnastics today, so he needed enough to have a substantial snack in addition to lunch.
The red and yellow containers interlock. They belong to different sets, but since they are both fall colors and the theme is "fall", I thought it appropriate.
The red container has 3 full-size silicone baking cups. The first holds carrots and a fruit leather pumpkin.  The second holds fruit bites and a headstone.  The third holds banana chips and a witch's hat.  I added the detail to each piece of fruit leather with a toothpick.
There's an "Aussie apple" and a small container of peanut butter.  No, it's not the usual organic, but it works for me in a pinch.  The Aussie apple is an apple that's cut and put back together with a rubber band to keep it from browning.  That means no need to soak them in lemon juice!
The dish on the left holds ranch for the carrots.  (I was in too big of a hurry to find the condiment container that's smaller.)
The yellow container holds 3 pieces of homemade cinnamon almond "bat" bread and a mini-silicone container of raspberry yogurt covered pretzels.
I know our little guy was excited.  I try to keep his lunches a surprise, but he was peering up on the countertop this morning at what cutters were left out on the cutting board.

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  1. you gotta be kidding me!!! I want to copy ALL of your ideas someday with my own chillin's! :)

    keep'em coming!


  2. I need to try that Aussie apple! Soaking in lemon juice can be a pain!

  3. I LOVE the Aussie apple. It's so easy, so fast, and works incredibly well. Why haven't we thought of this before?!