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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Elf on the Shelf: Elf-sized Playing Cards Printable

Our oldest son has come to really love solitaire, and I began to think of all of the fun games and silliness our Elf on the Shelf could have with his own set of Elf-sized Playing Cards.  I spent much more time than I care to admit creating these tiny little cards, but I already intend to use them for games of "Go Fish" (with goldfish crackers scattered about), 52 card pickup, solitaire, and "War" with other toys (and army men.)  Bridge, Poker (possibly playing for Hershey's kisses or chocolate coins), Rummy, Hearts (Peppermints? with peppermints scattered around the game), Spades (Trees?), Crazy 8's, or any other card game you can imagine can be done with these little cards.  You can purchase the set of printable cards for instant download in my store (to the right) for $1.  (If the store is unresponsive due to high volume, you can send $1 via PayPal to dawn (at) ownfairygodmother (dot) com and a note that I need to send you the file or link for download.) 
Elf on the Shelf Playing Cards - Miniature Playing Cards

Elf on the Shelf Playing Cards - Miniature Playing Cards
By all means share this, pin it, print it, blog about it, but link back to this page and not directly to the printable links.

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The elf shoes, elf hats, tree and candy graphics used on the playing cards are from Krista Wallden.


  1. Jessica, There is a "store on the right-hand side of the blog where you can click to add these to your cart. After you purchase them, you will be sent an automated e-mail with a link to download the files! Happy elf-ing!

  2. WOW thank you for your quick response! I just purchased them. Thank you for creating such a cute idea and making it affordable to those who are on a budget! Can't wait to print them out.