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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Coffee Cups and Newspaper with Free Printables

If your kids enjoy hot chocolate or cream frappucinos as much as mine do, they'll appreciate this one.  I created a logo, added some Elves, and voila.  Print them on cardstock (cut and tape), and your elf on the shelf can enjoy a cup of coffee with the morning North Pole News newspaper, have an all-nighter studying, or have his own coffee shop experience with some of his best buds.  When printing, do not "Scale to Fit Page" or "Scale to Fit Media."  Doing so will result in larger prints.
You can place a white, tan, brown, or even green pom-pom from the craft store in the cups and top with white puffy paint and a trimmed green stir straw to complete the look.
Click HERE for the free Kringle's Koffee cup download
Click HERE for the free North Pole News printable

I "curled" the cardstock cups with the edge of a pair of scissors before taping/gluing them to help them better take shape.
I filled the cups with white pom poms, but you could use whatever you have.  If you use some that are big enough, they can look like whipped cream on top.  I made lids for mine with thin white foam by cutting out 2 circles (one just slightly larger than the top of the cups and one slightly smaller than the top of the cups), gluing them together, and then gluing them to the top of the cups.

Update: I created Kringle's Koffee printable logos for Barista aprons, cups, signage, etc. too, HERE.

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As always, I encourage you to create some of the "super special" Elf surprises, and then trade them with your friends and neighbors so that the joy (and efforts) are shared!!!
By all means, share this, pin it, print it, blog about it, but please link back to this post
You can purchase all of my Elf on the Shelf printables in the store to the right for easy and immediate download.


  1. These are FANTASTIC! I love it and thanks for doing this for all of us who are clueless at creating designs for print. I have a question regarding the printable for coffee cups - is it supposed to have the watermark going across the page when printed?

    1. Mine does the same thing. I was wondering too. LOL

      Love the idea as I am a regular coffee dranker.

    2. Agh! No, it wasn't. I am correcting that now. I apologize for that. The watermark is only supposed to be on the image on the blog. Thank you for pointing that out! Enjoy!

  2. Please note that ALL of the Elf on the Shelf printables are now available in the store in an easy download! http://learningasisew.blogspot.com/p/store.html

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These cup printables made tonight's Elf coffee shop so much cuter. I can't figure out how to attach a photo. #sprinkleadventures will show you how I used your awesome print outs! Thanks again- I linked back to your blog when I posted on Facebook.

    1. Thank you so very much! I hope you are having another great holiday season!