Friday, November 15, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: DIY Cinnamon Rolls

Those cute printable coffee cups and newspaper needed something besides Mrs. Claus's Crullers.  (I mean seriously, the donuts are super cute, but an "event" all their own.)  A cinnamon roll would be perfect!  I picked up these tiny plates at my local craft store knowing that they would come in handy for our elf.  The cinnamon rolls are actually really easy and quick to make, and you may have enough leftover scraps lying around to make them.  

Supplies to make 4:
  • 2" x 4" tan craft foam (preferably not the super thin foam.)
  • 2" x 3.5" brown felt (or any color you choose if you want them to be strawberry, blueberry, or something other than cinnamon.)
  • white puffy paint
  • hot glue

Cut the craft foam in 1/2" x 4" strips, and taper one end for the outer edge.
Cut the felt in 1/2" x 3.5" strips
Roll the foam and felt into a spiral (like a jellyroll), and secure tapered end with hot glue.  Push the center up, and fill the bottom "hole" with more hot glue.  Let dry upside down.
Once the hot glue has cooled, use white puffy paint to create "icing."  
When your elf leaves, these would still be cute for "tea parties" with dolls.

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