Friday, November 22, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Fireplace FREE Printable

Does your elf need his own fireplace to curl up by to read?  Does he need a fireplace to roast his marshmallows?  Does he need a fireplace to sit around and tell stories with his friends?  Does he just miss the fireplace back at the North Pole?
Print out these 2 pages for a 3-D fireplace, and you can add a few small pieces of red, yellow, or orange tissue paper to the fire to make it really 3-D if you wish.  (I promise to update these pages with pictures of everything made and with our elf once we pull him down from the attic next week!)
Print the FIRE HERE.
Yes, the bricks will really be horizontal on the actual fireplace, but...well, once you print, cut, and fold it, it will be fine.
Cut and fold the brick fireplace first.  Then, print and position the fire behind the fireplace to determine where you want to cut and tape/paste your fire into the fireplace.  They are measured to print with some of the black at the top and bottom of the fire to resemble a real fireplace in the brick surround.

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