Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Faux "log" fireplace

Gas logs are ridiculously expensive, and in Central Texas, we rarely gave weather that warrants a fire.  My solution? This DIY project that didn't cost me a penny.
I had my husband cut down a scrap of board that we had to a size smaller than the space in the fireplace where I wanted to place it.  I wanted to be able to have overhang on all sides of the board with the wood "logs."  My step-dad had a ton of wood, and I asked him to cut down a few of the logs into 1-4" discs.  He used 3 different types of wood.  I would have loved to have all Aspen, as I think the white would have been really pretty, but I'm thrilled with the outcome.  I painted our scrap piece of wood black with some spraypaint we had, and then I used wood glue to position the discs on the board to resemble stacked logs.  After allowing them to dry for 24 hours, I went back and used decking screws (that we already had) to secure the logs from the back side of the board.  I fit the finished piece into the fireplace and made a couple of final adjustments, and Ta-Da!  I love it.  


  1. Looks like I envy you with this idea. I’m pretty serious looking it all over again to see that your DIY fireplace is real or not. Seems like I’m convinced when I fully grasp your explanation. I think my blog will eventually like your savvy idea.

    1. My fireplace is a real fireplace, but it isn't in use while this facade is in place. My sister doesn't have a fireplace or mantle, and we are going to "create" a faux fireplace for her using this same idea. I'm glad you like it!