Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laptop Lunch - Halloween Bento 1

Our little man LOVES the Laptop Lunch box.  I was in a big hurry this morning, and I wasn't feeling super creative.  I struggled.  I know he loves apples that are "fun."  I didn't have time for checkerboard apples, and the Laptop Lunch box is so much bigger than his other bentos, that I don't have room in his insulated lunch box to add an Aussie apple.  I cut the apple in quarters, removed the core, and used cookie cutters and a knife to make pumpkins and bats. 
The container next to it has vanilla yogurt swirled with about 3/4 teaspoon of raspberry jam and 1/2 teaspoon apple butter.  I put the yogurt in the freezer while I finished getting everything else together so it would stay cold longer.  There's a piece of bat fruit leather on top.
The 3rd compartment holds a honey wheat, peanut butter, apple butter, raisin sandwich, and 3 "bat" pecan chocolate chip cookie cut outs. 
The green container has ranch dressing in the dip container and cherub tomatoes.

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