Friday, October 8, 2010

Real Simple's Four-Week Dinner Plan - Week 1 Day 3

I'm a bad blogger.  A very bad blogger.
I made the Turkey Burgers with Creamy Romaine Slaw that I was "supposed" to from Real Simple's Four-Week Dinner Plan, and it was YUMMY!  Easy, yummy, and overall, pretty good for you.  I forgot to take a picture before each and every one of us cleaned our plates.  If you go to their website, you'll see this image:

But I thought you should know that I suck.
Anyway, we used King's Hawaiian "The Original Hawaiian Sweet" Sandwich Rolls.  They were perfect with these burgers.  I did serve them with pickles on the side, but I didn't serve chips or fries; they simply weren't necessary.  Being the "spicy" girl that I am, I added a little Walkerswood Jonkanoo sauce and some extra pepper (and went easy on the salt), and they were very good burgers.  My husband loved them, and my 5-year-old ate an ENTIRE burger.  They were really good.  So good that I've added them to my "What's For Dinner?" app on my smartphone.  Now, if I'm in the grocery store, and we see ground turkey meat on sale (or a burger just sounds good), I can pull up the recipe on my phone and "add" the items to my grocery list!  LOVE it!  If you have a recipe that I should try (and potentially add to my "What's for dinner?" recipe box, send it to me.  I'd love to try it.

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  1. If you are liking Turkey Burgers I have a good Sundried Tomatoe Slider recipe from Weelicious. So good! I added avocado on top, too, when they are on sale. Serve with brocolli or sweet potatoe fries are you are golden!