Monday, October 18, 2010

Laptop Lunch - Lunchbox arrived!

Like many of you, I was hesitant to spend $30 (even with the 10% discount coupon code "earleyfam" that also donates a portion of the proceeds to area elementary schools) on a lunchbox for my 5 year old.  I wanted to make sure that he would like the bento lunches, and that it was something that I liked, too.  Here we are almost 2 months in to this venture.  Our little man loves it so much that on one morning when I made a sandwich, used a Lunch Punch, tossed it in his normal sandwich container, and threw a few other items (banana, etc) into his lunchbox, he came home and asked if he could help me make his lunch for the next day.  I asked what he wanted, and he said, "First, you start with a bento box...."  I knew at that point, that we had a "winner." 
So, here is his first lunch in his Laptop Lunch.  Peanut butter and honey sandwich on honey wheat bread, sliced in 1/3's, colby jack "leaves", and a provolone ghost fill the first compartment.  The second container has a lid, and it holds pretzel sticks and kettle corn. The 3rd container also has a lid, and it's full of grapes, mandarin oranges, and dried blueberries.  (He said he needs this every day.)  The 4th compartment holds the mini dip container of Ranch dressing, another colby jack "leaf", baby carrots, and skewered cherub tomatoes.
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