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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Real Simple's Four-Week Dinner Plan - Week 1 Day 4

Pork Cutlets with Spicy Noodles were simple and very good.  The noodles were a little too spicy for our little ones, but if you pull some out of the pot for them prior to adding the pepper, it would be perfect for the whole family.  My husband is a huge fan of baby bok choy, so I fully expected that he would want to add some to this dish when we make it again, but I was wrong!  He loved it as it is.  I will say that we've found that we don't like shiitake mushrooms that have to be reconstituted, but we do like the ones in a jar.  They aren't as bitter and are less pungent.  I kept the pepper intact and put it in my husband's dish as opposed to slicing it.  He tends to like things spicier than I do.

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