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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Real Simple's Four-Week Dinner Plan - Week 1 Day 5

Steak with Roasted Vegetables....My recommendation would be to make steaks how you like them.  We prefer to grill ours, and we favor filets.  The vegetables were very good, although I did add fresh bell peppers from our garden, and I used garlic olive oil instead of regular olive oil.  I think the bell peppers added great texture and flavor contrast.  The carrots and onions were so sweet, and the bell peppers and the sauce added a nice little "kick."  We loved the vegetables.  When we make steaks, my focus is usually the steaks and a starch: rissotto, potatoes, fresh bread, etc.  This was a fantastic addition to a normal steak dinner.  It was easy, yummy, and good for us!  I'm including 2 pictures of tonight's dinner. One is with the bell peppers that I added, and one is without.  Not only did they add flavor and texture, but they add nice color, too.  My sauce wasn't as thick as the one shown on the RealSimple website, and I was out of white wine *gasp* (I know, it's atrocious.)  I used sherry instead of the white wine in the sauce.  In the end, I'll add the vegetables and sauce to my "keep" recipes. 

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