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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pushing Up Daisies! Laptop Lunch Bento

Last time I did the "fingers and eyeballs", I did "sleeping with the fishes."  Today, it's "Pushing up Daisies."  After I took this picture, I realized that I hadn't put the headstone fruit leather over the pretzels and Cheez-Its, but the lunchbox was on it's way out of the door before I could grab the camera again.  I'm sure you get the idea even without it, but I wish I'd snapped a picture of it when it was complete.
This bento is in a Laptop Lunch box. (Coupon code "earleyfam" for 10% off AND a donation to area schools.)
The top left box holds cucumber discs that have the edges decoratively scraped, flower-shaped cucumber cut outs, halved cherub tomatoes, carrot slices, and ranch dressing dip. 
The top right container has grapes and "eyeballs" (peeled grapes.) 
The bottom left container has the turkey dog "fingers."  Directions can be found here.
The last container holds raspberry-yogurt-covered pretzels and white cheddar Cheez-Its (and a tombstone fruit leather cutout - not pictured.)

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