Friday, August 29, 2014

School Lunch Ideas: Star Wars, Hello Kitty, & Back to School

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I LOVE the Laptop Lunch systems.  You'll notice that we have a ton of different bento containers, and although we use them for different purposes, I feel like the Laptop Lunch system is the best fit for our needs.
This week's lunches use a combination of Laptop Lunch and Arctic Zone Ultra containers.
Most of the picks, baran, and other décor items come from  The silicone cups are from grocery stores and World Market.
When packing lunches, it's important that you consider your "wet" and "dry" components and the containers you select for each so that your kids don't find soggy pretzels or crumb-filled applesauce.
These lunches are mostly the same, but the kids have slightly different preferences and allergies, so you may notice some inconsistencies.  It's on purpose.  They are all nut-free.
Lunch 1 - Star Wars & Hello Kitty
Top left: Dried and yogurt covered fruit with a light saber or Hello Kitty pick
Left: pretzels
Top Right: Tortillas with Wowbutter, honey, sliced bananas, and chopped apples (halved so they fit) with a Darth Vader ring or Hello Kitty
Fresh pear
Bottom Right: diced pineapple with a drone ring or Hello Kitty pick.
Bottom: String Cheese

Lunch 2 Apple / Back to School Theme
(Looking at the first lunch on the left)
Aussie apple (check here for instructions)
Top left orange silicone: Picante plantains with a chalkboard pick
Top right green silicone: animal crackers
Bottom left green silicone: grape tomatoes
Bottom right orange silicone: dried bananas with alphabet pick
Apple pick in the center of the container.
Gogurt, String cheese, granola bar.

Lunch on far right also contains a sandwich (using the inverted container to trim the crust) with a letter pick and hand-drawn apple using Wilton Food Writers.

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