Monday, August 25, 2014

Chalkboard Placemats / Chalkboard 1st Day of School Signs

I made chalkboard placemats out of black out fabric and chalkboard paint, and they were perfect for the kids' 1st Day of School signs. 
They are super easy to make!  I bought the black out fabric (usually used for drapes) at JoAnn Fabric, and I had the chalkboard paint mixed at a local home improvement store.  I painted a huge piece of the fabric, let it dry, and then I cut it with a rotary cutter down to the sizes I wanted.  Voila!  I've washed them in the washing machine on "Delicates" and air dried them so far with no issues, too.
I've used printables in the past, but I like having the date, their names, and their new teachers' names on them.  In the afternoon, we could easily change the teachers' names to "I loved __________" to share their favorite part of their first day.  The best part is that we can use these again and again, and they take up VERY little space.

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