Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ready for school!

It has come.  It is really here.  Our youngest children, twins, start Kindergarten tomorrow.  I don't know if I will cry or rejoice...or both.  Probably both.
I love the Laptop Lunch systems, but as we start the kids to school,  I want to be fully confident that all of the pieces will come home.  So these lunches are in the containers that came with the lunch boxes.
Inside, we have...
Sandwiches colored with Foodoodlers,  fruit leather cut into shapes, yogurt covered pretzels,  Fuji apples with cinnamon with food picks, and note bananas.
Clothes are ready for the week for all 3 kids. (The oldest already put them in order in his closet - so no photo.) 
Hang in there, moms and dads. We can do this.

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