Saturday, December 14, 2013

Elf on the Shelf:Baking Gingerbread Cookies Printable

I hope you're enjoying our Elf on the Shelf ideas this year; I also hope that you feel free to make each of them your own!  I'd love for you to share what YOU'RE doing with the ideas I've shared to make them work for your family.
Did you make the Chef's hat and Apron?  Maybe you made the Barista Apron?  Maybe you intend to bake cookies with your kids today or decorate a gingerbread house?  Have your elf bring some Gingerbread Men to your kitchen (or to a kid-sized play kitchen.)  I made a foil cookie sheet to place my Gingerbread people on (directions on printable.)  This is the FREE Printable Gingerbread Man template I used to cut them from thin tan foam, but they could easily just be cut from paper.  You could also print them on paper and place a rectangle of them in a pan as if they're on parchment paper.  I decorated the gingerbread people with puff paint, but you can leave them plain if you wish.
It would be cute to use the template to make a long chain of "paper dolls" by folding brown construction paper accordion style and having the hands/feet go just past the edge.

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