Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Don't Do It - Let's Be Honest: Crepe Paper Door

So, let's be honest...some of the "so cute" ideas you've seen on Pinterest take a ridiculous amount of time!  For example, "Oh, let's crepe paper the door for when the kids wake up!"  Yeah, great idea if you have ONE kid that is a heavy sleeper or you aren't doing them by yourself, otherwise RUN AWAY NOW!  First of all, it takes MUCH longer than you would expect to quietly crepe paper the door to the extent you see below, and secondly, if you have multiple takes FOREVER!!!!  RUN!  It seems like a great idea, but that's NOT reality.  It takes less than 1 roll of crepe paper to do 3 doors and "swag" the living room.  So, yes, it's cheap.  That doesn't mean I'd do it again.

UPDATE: If your kids are little, you might want to leave enough room for them to crawl out beneath the lowest streamer.  Our 4 year old twins weren't sure what to do when they woke up.

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