Friday, December 13, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Ideas and DIY

If you made the DIY Cinnamon Rolls, maybe your elf needs a chef's hat and apron to play in the kitchen, too?  The chef's hat is made with a white coffee filter, a 3/4" strip of white cardstock and tape.  I used a strip of packing tape and trimmed in in half lengthwise.  Wrap it around your elf's head with the sticky side facing out.  Adhere the tape to itself to create a measured template.  Flatten the coffee filter out, and begin attaching and folding the edge of the filter to the sticky side of the tape "ring" to create a pleated look.  Once finished, use the cardstock strip to cover the raw edges of the filter.  Tape one end to the back side of the "hat."  Trim the excess end (if any) and tape at the back side.
The apron is a paper towel (but could easily be made with thin foam sheets - and then a ribbon tie would be easier; I just didn't have any) cut into a smaller rectangle (about 4 1/2" by 5" - long side being verticle) and folded with tape to hold the backside together.  (I didn't give it "strings" since his scarf covers it on our elf.)

 You can find directions for making your own sleeping bag (2 methods) HERE.  You can create a slumber party, add a book, hot cocoa, or whatever your heart desires.  Ours just snuggled up by the fireplace for a quick and easy elf night.

Our elf was caught break dancing with disco ball ornaments (found 6 per pack at our hobby store) and mirrored trees (that I had on hand.)  He moved them all to our Christmas village so he could spin in snow!

I found Elf on the Shelf ornaments (elf sitting on white jingle bell) at our local hobby store (they were on sale for 50% off, so were about $3 each.)  The elf brought them and had them hanging from each hand and a foot!  He left a note on the chalkboard, and hung a "Ho Ho Ho" banner he found for a dollar at the One Spot at Target.

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