Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Quick Miniature Golf Game

What you need:
  • Green construction paper, foam sheet, or felt.
  • Scissors (and a hole punch if you're using paper)
  • Miniature candy cane (a.k.a. golf club) - Our oldest thought this was funny since it's "miniature golf," our little ones didn't get it.
  • Miniature marshmallow or a white sugar pearl (for the golf ball)
  • Straw, chopstick or lollipop stick (and a way to "anchor" it: ie. clay, play-doh, etc. - I used a paper straw and cut the bottom into 4 long slits that fanned out beneath the putting green to hold it upright.)
  • Red fabric, foam, felt, or construction paper for the flag
Easy and fun!

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