Monday, August 16, 2010

Hangtag Closet Dividers

Do you (and your children) need as much help staying organized as possible?  I made some printable day of the week closet hangtags to help prepare my kindergartener for school each week.  I've listed them in my Etsy shop and am happy to make custom sets to match your needs.  Each set includes 5 hangtags (M-F.) 
Each Sunday, we will look at the weather and schedules to choose clothing for each day.  I found a fantastic idea (I *think* it was in Real Simple), and I hung a full length mirror in each child's closet. I bought four 3M removable hooks for each closet, and hung 2 at shoulder height and 2 at waist height for each child. 2 pieces of string to hang across the mirror and tie to the hooks like "clotheslines" for the "bottoms" and the "tops."  I also bought clear acrylic boxes and attached them to the closet door next to the mirrors to hold accessories.  Now, mornings should be much easier!

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