Friday, August 13, 2010

Handmade Cards

I've had stamps, cardstock, and ribbon, but I haven't had much time to scrapbook over the past couple of years.  (Something about moving twice, making bedding and curtains for the twins' rooms, and having the babies....)  Anyway, I finally got a Cricut Expression, and I *love* it.  I was able to catch it on sale at JoAnn fabric after watching all of the sales for a while.  This was the best deal I could find (even better than Craigs List believe it or not.) 
In my attempt to learn about this lovely new machine, because really, who has time to watch the DVD?  I made a few cards and a few items for Bailon & Brittyn's first birthday.  These cards were my first attempt, and I'm sure I'll get much better, but I was pleased with them.  I love that the inside of each has some adornment to add that extra flair.

CARD 1 - Sending Warm Fuzzies just because...

CARD 2 - All purpose card
CARD 3 - Styles Come and Go, but Girlfriends are Forever
CARD 4 - Thank You
CARD 5: You're the Best (all purpose)
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  1. I have Cricut cartridges too if you ever want to borrow!