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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bento Attempt

You may know that my oldest has started school.  I've been using LunchPunch for a while, and he loves them.  I bought them on Sweet Madys a year or so ago.  I even bought 2 extra sets and split them up to include in favor boxes at his birthday party.  My mom always made our lunches, and she made them "fun."  I always had healthy items (which I didn't always appreciate), but they were still fun.  Now, I face the same challenges with our kids.  One of our little people has an extreme egg allergy as well, so that limits many items that he can eat. 
I ran across a website regarding Bento boxes for kids lunches.  I'm addicted.  I've since found several more blogs; I've scoured and the web looking for the best options for containers for our family.  This first bento attempt was done with containers and items that I already had.  I expect that it will be a week or two before my new goodies arrive from All Things For Sale.  We have a sandwich container that we reuse daily, but we still used ziplocs for all of the other remaining items.  I love that with a bento box: there's no waste, nothing gets crushed, things can stay separate, and it can even include a utensil if needed.
I used a Gladware container and some silicone muffin cups that I bought at World Market.  The cheese was cut with a mini cookie cutter, the wrapped prunes get "too hard" if I unwrap them according to my son, fresh blueberries, yogurt-covered pretzels from the bulk/organic section, and a pb&j cut with the butterfly Lunch Punch from the Critter Cutter set.
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