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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bento: October, Halloween, and Nut-free "Butterfinger"!

 I pulled down the Ziploc bag of Halloween pics, rings, etc. this morning!  The little man requested a ham and cheese sandwich, but they're always soggy if you make them ahead of time, so this is deconstructed.  The ham was patted dry and placed between the bread slices with a slice of cheese.  Lettuce (hiding a finger) and tomatoes are in separate containers.  Baby carrots (hiding a hand) and Gogurt are snacks, and the nut-free "Butterfinger" bite will be a special treat. (Nut-free "Butterfinger" = 1 jar Wowbutter + 1 lb. bag of melted candy corn mixed, cooled, cut + dip in melted chocolate.)  These are all tucked in Laptop Lunch containers with lids.

I'm sharing this one, not because I expect it to inspire you in any way, but rather to share my learning experience.  
The other day, we were running really late, so the Despicable Me minion is made with cheddar cheese and a food writer. (Our family is doing a Despicable Me theme for Halloween this year.) HOWEVER, I do NOT recommend trying to draw on cheddar.  I don't buy American cheese, because it isn't "cheese."  Unfortunately, American cheese is also a lot easier to decorate because of the moisture content.  I will be working on other Despicable me foods in the coming weeks, too.
Gogurt, fruit snacks, and a Nutri-Grain bar finish out this "we must go NOW" lunch.

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