Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bento: Team Spirit

10 minutes before it was time to leave for school thus morning, my husband asked if I would make our 3rd grader's lunch. Our son who has demanded nut butter and honey sandwiches every day for the better part of almost 2 years decided he wanted grilled cheese, Mac and cheese, or ham & cheese for lunch. We did not have any ham or Mac and cheese, and I didn't want his grilled cheese to be soggy.
So I made a pastrami and cheese sandwich with the school mascot cut from a piece of pastrami and adhered with a tiny bit of mayo.
I carved the school's initials in an apple, pulled off the skin, spritzed with lemon juice and covered with plastic wrap.
I added a granola bar given my time constraints.


  1. Wow, darling! Takes only a few minutes, and will create a great surprise at lunchtime. You are amazing. And your son will totally forget about what he wanted for lunch but didn't get.

    1. Awe, thanks! And you're right, he didn't care that his sandwich wasn't "as requested."