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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bento: Apple of my Eye

On such a difficult and emotional day, I struggled with what to do for my 8 year old's lunch.  His knowledge of 9/11 is still very very limited.  I took the opportunity to share a little bit about it this morning and explained steps taken to keep our nation safe in the future. (With all of our family's travel, I didn't want him to live in fear.)  For his lunch, I decided to express how special he is to me.  His sandwich is adorned with hearts from fruit leather.  Dried apples have notes written on them with a Wilton Food Writer.  The apple has a heart cut with the same cookie cutter and removed with a small knife.  I use lemon-lime soda instead of lemon juice to "seal" the apples so that they aren't bitter.  I threw in a granola bar in the silverware space.  Show the ones around you that you love them!

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