Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bento: Autumn

It's officially Fall!  Even though our 90+ degree days aren't giving us reprieve, a fall color scheme and an acorn found their way into this Laptop Lunch.  I found the acorn cookie cutter at a local craft store, and I used FooDoodler markers to draw on the acorn.  
After yesterday, the dried young coconut was a requirement by the lunch owner.  He said that the coconut was even better than dried pineapple, so I paired the two so he could further investigate.
Red grape tomatoes and yellow sunburst tomatoes fill the last compartment.
The little note is a free printable from ChefSolus.  I didn't have my camera out this morning, and snapped it with my phone, so it's not as easy to read here.  It says, "Fruits taste so sweet and yummy for your tummy. Have some for lunch!  Happy Lunch Time!"

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