Friday, September 21, 2012

Bento: Lunch for 3

After a long couple of weeks, I made lunches last night so this morning was easier.  I used pieces of the Laptop Lunch system for all 3 lunches, some silicone cupcake liners, and a piece of silicone baran (grass.)  Sesame butter & honey sandwiches with animal crackers and fruit leather "suns" are the focal point.  Banana chips, blueberry yogurt covered raisins, and raisins finish out the remainder of the boxes.
The 3 year old twins are young enough that their entire lunch can fit in the sandwich size piece of the Laptop Lunch sets.  Our second grader will eat every bite in the full Laptop Lunchbox. 
How cute are the Stephen Joseph dinosaur and cupcake lunchboxes?  The Laptop Lunch system fits inside, which I absolutely love.  I had bought the duffel bags in the same design in a boutique in Fredericksburg, Texas, but when I realized that I could buy the lunchboxes, they became a necessity.  I bought them on Etsy from DeerPath Designs and saved myself the trouble of trying to figure out how to embroider them.

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