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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bento: Crinkle Cutter

Our son got a new lunchbox this year, and although it's "cool", the Laptop Lunchbox system doesn't fit as well in it as it does in last year's box.  He REALLY likes the Laptop Lunches though, so he's willing to have the old lunchbox regularly.
It's amazing what "crinkle-cut" can add to a lunch in the eyes of a child.  Today's Laptop Lunchbox (use code Earleyfam for a discount) is filled with crinkle-cut items.  (I used a crinkle cutter from Pampered Chef that's sharp enough to cut through raw carrots with ease.)
The top left compartment has grape tomatoes with a couple of pics from, light ranch dressing, and crinkle-cut carrots in a silicone cupcake "flower" from World Market.
The second compartment is the dip (or "ketchup") for the "fries."  However, I also included a spoon in case he wants to eat the Light Vanilla Yogurt and Raspberry Preserve mix by itself.
The bottom right is full of crinkle-cut apples.
The bottom left is a honey-wheat sandwich with almond butter, grape jelly, and spun honey.

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