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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bento: You make my world go 'ROUND!

Our kids have been asking for "cheeseballs" for months.  Our middle child is a self-professed "cheeseball", and it's a bit of a joke in our house.  A few months back, the kids saw a huge tub of cheeseballs at the store, and as always, I passed them by.  It's not something that we buy or feed our kids....until today.  It's not a new habit, but I did pick up a container when the kids saw them on our last trip to the store.  I decided to incorporate them into this lunch.  (Funny enough, although all 3 kids loved them and asked for more, once they were out of sight, none of them have mentioned them since!)  This is in the Laptop Lunch box.

  • Rice cake "peanut butter sandwiches"
  • Vanilla yogurt and raspberry jam with large black grapes
  • Tomatoes and homemade Ranch dressing
  • The infamous cheeseballs
  • I didn't have time to do anything cutesy for the theme, so I just wrote a note on his napkin to tie the theme together.

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