Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bento: Happy Halloween!

Today's Halloween lunch is in the traditional Laptop Lunch box.  The top left compartment holds parsley sprigs "grass" for the fingers made of Hebrew National hot dogs that were scored and a fingernail bed carved out before boiling.  This helps the "knuckles" open and look more realistic.  The onion slice was also boiled with the hot dogs to get the translucent look I wanted, and they were adhered with ketchup.  The boiled egg eye is adorned with a ring from  The bottom left container holds the mummy hot dog bun cut in half for the halved hot dog, a container of ketchup blood, and a set of creepy eyes (a ring) from ATFS.  An apple with a leaf pick (from ATFS) has been converted to a Jack-o-lantern with the assistance of small knife to carve holes and dried pineapple to fill each hole.  Toasted pumpkin seeds were a must for today, too.

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