Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Love Texas

I've been horrible about not only making bentos lately, but taking pictures and blogging about them when I do.  My son even complained over the weekend, so I promised to do some fun ones this week.  Here is today's lunch in a Laptop Lunch box.
  • Raspberry yogurt covered pretzels - or "hearts."
  • Sesame sticks - have you *seen* how dry it's been in Texas?  We desperately need some rain.
  • The yellow pear-shaped tomatoes have been inverted with a sprig of mint (all from our garden) to create a "Yellow Rose."
  • There's a peanut butter and honey sandwich painted like a Texas flag with a cinnamon star cookie from our bulk organic section.
  • I created an interpretive "bluebonnet field" with dried blueberries, mint sprigs, and some popcorn.
  • The peanut butter bar is for snack time.
  • I made an explanatory note for each section, except for the sandwich.  It received a handmade sugar cookie with an "I ♥ TX" emblem reminescent of the "I ♥ NY" emblems.

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