Thursday, April 7, 2011

When we moved into this house almost 2 years ago, we knew we would get new living room furniture.  I am positive I have a true "before" picture, but I have no idea where it is. I've done things somewhat backwards with the anticipation of additional upgrades.  The walls were initially the beige that's on the ceiling, but it's too colorless for my taste.  I painted them Pumpkin Butter which is out of my comfort zone of colors (more orange than my normal), but I get more compliments on it than I could ever imagine.  Next, I started on making the curtains. I quickly realized that our 1 year old twins were just going to yank them from the walls.  So they are all tied up in one way or another. (The 3rd window has one completed curtain folded back up over itself.  The top is actually a tone on tone pattern and the bottom band is a chocolate velvet.)  We've also already replaced the tv console and the television.  So these are the "before the new furniture" pictures, but they aren't truly "before" pictures.
This was "BEFORE"

I'm in the process of looking for some accessories - yellows, reds, and some greens - to give the room some kick with all of the brown.  They all have to be kid-friendly accessories which can pose a challenge.  I absolutely love the "legginess" of the new furniture.  The old furniture was so big and bulky that it closed the room off, blocked windows, etc.  Even the recliner has legs.  No more missing cups of milk that have found their way under the furniture and don't resurface for 48 hours or more! 
Next on the list, wood floors and a fabulous area rug.  Probably not until next year....

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