Monday, November 28, 2016

Elf on the Shelf: Wise Man Costume - Printable Template

Maybe your Elf has already "held baby Jesus" or read the story of Christmas in my printable "Bible," but you're looking for a new way for your Elf to bring the focus back to the story of Christmas.  Our Elf decided that he wanted to trek with the Wise Men to celebrate the birth of Christ.  With a small bit of felt, I was able to (suprisingly quickly) make this Wise Man costume for our elf.  (It took me longer to create the printable and write this post than it did for me to make the costume!)  You can follow the same instructions as the ones I created for the Elf Sports Jerseys.  
I cut the front AND the back on the fold for my elf, but if you want to be able to overlap and "cinch" the costume, then by all means follow my template to cut 2 for the front.  I cut a strip for a "belt" and then cut small slits at each end to create "fringe" as well.  For the crown, you can follow the design or make it look more like the crown I already had made for our elf.  I tied it in a knot in the back and then trimmed the "tails."

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As always, I encourage you to create some of the "super special" Elf surprises, and then trade them with your friends and neighbors so that the joy (and efforts) are shared!!!
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