Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY Travel Journal for Kids

We have three kids all at varying levels of reading/writing abilities.  In an effort to make journaling this summer a little less scary, I created a couple of laminated pages for reference and they include "naming words," "action words," "describing words," and "connecting words."  My five year olds have an easier time with those titles than they do nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc.  
I downloaded a free printable from Activity Village, and I printed out one for each child for each day they would be traveling.  I will be creating some of my own based on some ideas I've had, but those are still to come!  Then, I added a page of ruled notebook paper and a blank sheet of paper for each day so that they can write or draw about anything that they wish for each day.
I printed labels for the front of each journal, and my 5 year old daughter helped me assemble them all!
After seeing these, my step-mom mentioned that she still has something similar from when she was a child, and she treasures it.  I hope our kids do, too! 
(Because I used images that I found on Google for personal use, I cannot share my printable files with the images, but here they are with the words alone for your reference or use!  As always please don't post these on your own site, but feel free to link to this post!)

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