Saturday, December 20, 2014

Elf on the Shelf: Tent Camping

Buddy Kringle enjoys the outdoors and went camping last night.  The tent is SUPER EASY!  The fire didn't take long, and could be made ahead and used for marshmallow roasting, too. (I may execute a mid-day move and have him roasting marshmallows tonight, because we intend to do so with the kids tonight.)

I used 1 piece of cardstock folded in half to make the tent.
I used some brown construction paper rolled and taped for logs. I cut a 2 inch strip of yellow tissue paper (from the short side) and cut peaks and valley zig zag down the middle of its length. Take the flat edge and gather it, twisting into a "flower."  Then, you have 2 flames to tuck between the logs.

Alternatively, you could make the logs out of unwrapped Tootsie rolls, and the flames could easily be shaped from red, yellow, and orange Starburst.  (I just don't trust my kids or 4 legged babies not to get into it, and I don't want sick pets or kids at Christmas.)
Aaaand...he moved before dinner!  He was signaling a campfire with roasted marshmallows tonight!

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