Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Game Gear Organization!

Kids + Sports = Fun
Kids + Laundry = No Fun
Kids + Sports + Laundry = Recipe for Disaster
How many times have you asked your kids the night before a game if they have all of their sports gear together? How many times are they missing a pair of shorts or one specially colored sock?
I have finally found a solution that works for our family. Each game uniform/performance outfit has its own zippered mesh laundry bag. When the child comes home from the game or performance, they put the entire uniform in the mesh bag and into the laundry.  When I am finished washing the uniform, I hang the uniform and the matching mesh bag in our mud room area on a regular hanger (jersey/top) and a skirt hanger (bottoms, socks, tutus).  We keep the corresponding shoes in a wooden bench with open cubby holes beneath the racks.  (Helmets and balls are in separate storage as they are so bulky.) I haven't had any missing uniform pieces all season!

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