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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School!

 I downloaded the free printables from Yellow Bliss Road, and <3 them!  Chalkboard "1st Day of" signs for free!  For lunch, there's an A+ sandwich (Wilton Food Writers were used to make the "paper,") fresh blueberries, garden tomatoes, a pluot (who named that anyway?,) and a granola bar.  For a whirlwind first day of school with my husband out of town, a full day of meetings, getting all 3 kids ready and out of the door (not to mention feeding our four-legged family members), I thought this was rather successful even if it is super simple.  The kid - he absolutely loved it. 
(And yes, it was still dark outside when I took the picture, so it's not fabulous.  I should have used my *real* camera.)

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