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Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Ribbon Rack

Like many of you, I have a ton of ribbon, and I had long ago exceeded what would fit in a large basket + a box ribbon dispenser + a ribbon shelf + empty nooks in my craft space.  It was out of control and no longer manageable.  I took measurements of my "dead space" between a window and a shelving unit, e-mailed pictures of ribbon racks that I liked, and collected spools of different sizes with different hole sizes, too.  I shared all of it with my fabulous Father-in-Law, and this is what I received!
It has 10 rods with some additional dowels in two sizes, and it fits perfectly in that empty space!  
Now, to reorganize all of my fabric, scrapbook paper, or add a proper wrapping station (that has also exceeded it's original space with its own level of ridiculousness)!

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