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Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: Magnetic Chalkboard Activity Trays

I have been working with a lot of chalkboard paint recently for a wedding related project.  During the process, I stumbled into something inexpensive and a bit genius.  You can buy small silver trays at the Dollar store for, yes, $1 each.  You probably have painter's tape in your garage, and if you have kids, you might even have a can of chalkboard spray paint on the shelves.  (Although it's not terribly expensive at a home improvement store for a can of the chalkboard spray paint.)  Choose magnets and chalk that are appropriate for your own children.  These magnets were on my fridge, but I'll buy small letter magnets for them to use in the car!
  1. Choose your tray.
  2. Tape off the edges.  (You don't have to tape off the edges, but I thought it looked nicer this way.)
  3. Spray, let dry, and repeat (3 coats.)
  4. Add a piece of chalk and magnets.
  5. Store a washrag or cloth for "cleanup".

TaDa!  An inexpensive new activity that is perfect for car rides.  You can use it to "practice writing your name", create new words with the letters on your tray, give them small word magnets to create sentences and poems, or even play "I spy" on a road trip.

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