Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY Ruler

You've probably seen the adorable Pottery Barn Kids "ruler" to measure
growth....I wanted one.
I asked my Father in Law for one since he does wood work. I was expecting a
6' - 7' board with rounded edges. Instead, he created this amazing ruler!
He gave it to me "blank" along with a wood burning kit. As soon as I had it
in my hot little hands, I just had to get started. I had never done any
wood burning....
I printed the numbers out in Biondi font at 150 pt. I measured out the
board, and I traced over the numbers on top of the board to leave slight
indentions to give me a template on the wood. I will say that I'm no
wood-burning superstar, but I'm thrilled with the outcome! I originally
planned to put it in the kids' bathroom, but we like it so much, we hung it
in the front hallway where the kids' rooms are.
I'm doing "columns" so to speak for each of the kids to help keep it looking
"clean." Our oldest's markings will go on the left, middle in the middle,
and youngest on the right.
I didn't ask how much my father in law spent on the piece of wood, but I
know the wood burning kit was $15. All things considered, I *know* it was
less expensive (and more custom) than the one I originally loved!

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