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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bento: Snowman & Christmas Trees

This Laptop Lunchbox is paired with the large box from the Bento Buddy set which allows for the large sandwich.
  • Honey wheat bread sandwich with Frosty cut out using a cookie cutter.  The fruit leather hat was cut with the same snowman cookie cutter.  The small circle buttons and 1/2 circle eyes were made from fruit leather with a bento cutter set from AllThingsForSale.  His smile is a craisin cut in 1/2.  The Christmas trees are cut from the same piece of fruit leather with another cookie cutter.
  • Yogurt-covered raisins make "snow" beneath the sandwich
  • Mandarin oranges and the fruit leather "negative" are paired with gingerbread pics playing hide & seek.
  • Tomato slices and a snowman pic fill the last Laptop Lunch container
  • The note is a free printable from Nourish Interactive
  • String cheese fills the silverware compartment today.

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