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Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Bedding turned Teddy Bear

Here is an image of our oldest's bedroom nursery 6+ years ago in our last home.  You can't see the baby bedding very well, but I'm having a hard time finding a great picture of it "before."  Note to self for the next one...Take pictures before cutting it all up.  There was a red silk shantung bumper pad with antique cars.  The quilt was dark denim with a trim with ticking stripes and red satin ribbon.  The bedskirt has black and white plaid blocks, red silk shantung, and shimmery silver fabric.  He had a toddler chair that I had covered in the ticking strip fabric with a red silk shantung skirt.  Those pieces combined were plenty for more than one "project."
I cut it all up, and turned some of it into a bear for our son.  His full name is on the bear's right foot and his birthday on his left.  I hope to make 3 more for myself and his grandmothers.  I will do the same with the twins' nursery bedding when they get older.

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