Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bento: Fall

Food Markers....I've seen some amazing things done with food markers on cheese, and so I finally broke down and ordered some Wilton Food Writers on Amazon.  I think this cheese had too high of a moisture content, because I struggled.  Regardless, I'm here to share my triumphs and what I am LEARNING as I sew, bake, cut, and create.  I'm going to try on Provolone next time and see how that works.

In the Laptop Lunch system:
  • Sandwich with fruit leather cut out and negative
  • Crackers with Cheese leaf cut outs (colored with Food Writers)
  • Yogurt covered pretzels
  • Dried pineapple
  • Mini rice crackers - my son prefers the apple cinnamon ones even over the caramel!

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