Monday, June 13, 2011

Patio Makeover

One of the things we loved about our home when we moved into it almost 2 years ago was the back patio.  Don't ask me the dimensions, because I honestly don't remember (although it seemed important during the building process.)  We installed 3 ceiling fans upon move-in, and we hung a new clock/thermometer/wind chime. We used some pieces that we had at the last home as well for candles, etc., but not much to speak of.
Regardless, our patio was furnished with "leftover" furniture from our last house.  That included outdoor cushions that I purchased years ago when we bought the furniture. 
We had:
  •  A wrought iron table
  •  4 wrought iron chairs
  •  An umbrella and stand (intended for the table)
  •  A "loveseat"
  •  2 ottomans
  •  2 individual chairs
  • A coffee table
We had some large pots filled with herbs and a gas grill as well.  That's it.  We hadn't really done any work out there, because it always seems so expensive.

I had *HAD* it.  I was sick of it.  My husband flinched when I said I wanted to update the patio, because he had been shopping with me before as I yearned for new cushions and all of the fun patio pieces.  First, he insisted on going with me to shop.  After 3 stores (Garden Ridge, Target, and I don't even remember where...), he agreed that I should do it on my own, because the sticker shock was too much to bear. 
Ultimately, I went back to Garden Ridge for the cushions.  I also found other elements that I purchased at Home Goods, World Market, Ikea, and Pier 1.
When my hubby returns from his trip, he has a ton of battery-operated lanterns to hang in clusters of 3 all around the patio, but everything else is to my liking.  Well, except that I still need plants for my 3 new planter boxes that I got at Pier 1....  I'd also like another 3-5 pillows, but I can't seem to find what I want.
Without further adieu......

White wicker table and metal vase are from Pier 1.  The flowers are from Hobby Lobby.

The chargers are from World Market and the lanterns are from Garden Ridge & Home Goods.  I'm anxious to get the lanterns all hung up!
  I bought 3 baskets at Home Goods to hold outdoor toys and slide under the loveseat.  The cushions are from Garden Ridge, and the pillows are from Pier 1.  Even outside toys need some organization.
 I fell in love with these 2 hurricanes at Home Goods.  They look fantastic at night when they're lit as well as during the day. 

The large vase is from Pier 1.  The 3 small ones are from Ikea. 
The side table the vases are on is from World Market.
Rolling beverage cooler that has some minor imperfections that was marked down at Home Goods.
 I added white vinyl decals (I made on my Cricut) on each side of the lid to make summer "drink diving" a little easier.  I hate rummaging through a huge cooler of ice only to find that the last can of what I want is on the other side at the bottom. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden Bento with "Bugs"

Summer inspired this bento lunch.
An apple "ladybug" with sesame stick antennae and celery stems fill the first compartment.
Graham crackers as "dirt" lead the raisin "ants" into the peanut butter "mud."
Yellow pear-shaped tomatoes round out the garden. (These are from our garden, and my son can eat them by the bowl-full.)